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Sunflower Dead

Photo Courtesy: Sunflower Dead Facebook Page

Sunflower Dead

New album, C.O.M.A.: nothing short of AMAZING!!! We need more of this coming out in 2019! Coma is a raw monster of a record, to match the band's recently no make-up, no gimmick image. Coma sees the Sunflower Dead step away from the image, and put the focus on the music. It will drive a hole through your head!

VIMH: Talking to Mike from Sunflower Dead out of L.A., How’s things going after this last tour?

MD: Going good! Just easing back into a regular life after the tour. Been real busy these last three days getting ready for the next round of things we have to accomplish. So it’s like non-stop now that the record dropped. You have to be working at all times.

VIMH: So, what’s next, is there another tour?

MD: Yeah, we’re doing a small run, here in December in the Southwest, and do a few shows to get us through the holidays. We’re working on a tour for early 2019, here in the U.S., as our song climbs the charts, we’ll get out there full swing!

VIMH: You bring a unique approach to the stage show. And, I have to ask….WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE ACCORDION?!?

MD: (Laughs)... The accordion, ya know is just something that I’ve done since I was young. I picked up an accordion, and it just kinda felt right. So when Sunflower Dead started, the guys were like, “You gotta pick up your accordion”, and yea, it just kinda fit into the mold of what we were doing. It’s something, even though we tried to let go a little bit, people weren't interested in letting it go, so I’m playing it live at all of our shows.

VIMH: I noticed some of your posts about the tour. Was there a lot of ups and downs with it?

MD: What was great is we had made a lot of money with merch. Which we were shocked about. This was one of the first times that we went out not being the support band, and we did our small little run. With another Lost Year. And we did really well with merch in front of shows that weren’t really packed. We’re pretty excited to see that. The people that came to see us, were there for us, and that was really cool.

Some of the downs, we were scheduled to play this really good, small festival in Kansas City. It ended up getting cancelled by the city, the week of the show. That was kind of a bummer. Luckily we got a backup show so we weren’t sitting around that evening, so we could make some money. But it ended up being in this like, Chuck E Cheese, little kid place. I was kinda embarrassed. It was like, man we are in Spinal Tap at the moment, ya know? But was what good, we made our money, which was good, and we made fans. But you know, it felt embarrassing. Kinda like, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE PLAYING THIS KINDA PLACE? Ya know? But we gave it our all.

We did this tour because of the new lineup, no makeup and the new songs, we wanted to do this to become a band. Really figure ourselves out. Literally, 12 shows into it, we were like, let’s change this, let’s change that. It just started growing. It got really cool. It was a real, positive experience, and I’m glad we did it.

VIMH: Anything new, writing wise?

MD: No, not really, since the new record came out. We’re just gonna tour this one for a while, to see what happens. We are ready. I have a really great band with me, and we’re ready to kick your teeth in.



You’re Dead To Me

Let Me In


My Mother Mortis

More Than A Habit

Torn In Two

Counting All My Failures



The Point Of Decision

Website: http://www.sunflowerdead.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunflowerdead/

YouTube: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCcpQBckGVdJCAA5dzzLvrKA

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sunflower-dead/550330208

Photo Courtesy: Sunflower Dead Facebook Page

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