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Welcome to the Voices In My Head! Unlike the other interviews..the Voices In My Head does the opposite; we dive in to the minds of the bands you love, not, “ Hey, your new blah,blah, blah...” We are here to see what and why they write the way they do, and so much more! We play the songs you want to hear, but because of the popular vote, WON’T.....




AL B....


Founder |Owner | Program Director | Radio / Podcast Personality

Music Submissions | Interviews, Music Reviews, Event/Show Reviews

Facebook Al Brzostowski


Al B is the Founder and Owner of Voices in my Head. Al has been in the music industry since 1989.  From hairbands to thrash to alternative, he has been immersed in many genres. He has worked with numerous Artist/Bands along with music industry professionals closely for 10 years. Al supports the local music scene supporting bands, live music venues, fundraisers and events. He also works with PR companies, management and the musician to spread the word!

"Being a musician and, I know what it takes to make an excellent show, song or event. And this is why we speak to the minds of not only the musician, but everyone involved that makes music great."

He brings his unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic views to the public with iconic guests from Rock n Roll. It's a free for all-- it's The Voices in my Head-- Why The F..k Not!

Now you're all screwed =) HEADCASES UNITE! THE VOICES SAID SO!


Bill “Furious” Groen....


Interviews, Music Reviews, Event/Show Reviews | Contributing Writer

Facebook William FuriousBeardsley Groen II


Born in 1985, Bill grew up in the 90's, listening to the local rock and pop stations, like most kids of the era. Right around the turn of the century he started his foray into heavier music, breaking from the more 'alternative' rock bands he grew up listening to. Starting with bands like Metallica, Rammstein, Korn and Limp Bizkit and growing from there, he continued on with listening to more 'mainstream' rock and metal bands. 


Later on in the early 2000's and nearing the end of high school, the social media boom began to happen with sites like Myspace. From there he started to discover music that was straying from the mainstream, and discover genres like death and black metal, folk metal, industrial metal and so on. As the years have worn on, the love for metal in all forms remains. He even recorded a 'noisecore' album in his college apartment using the name “Grinding the Belle”, and another album with a friend called “A Blood Red December”. They are terrible, and are worth checking out on Youtube purely for the cringe factor.


Of course though his genre preferences are not stuck in only listening to rock and metal music. Bill also still greatly enjoys 90's music (in most forms), pop-punk, punk, hardcore, electronic, some folkish styles of music and many more.


In his minimal free time he also plays guitar, video games and DJs weddings, fundraisers, and does live sound on occasion.


He also has a fantastic beard and has made a vow to never shave it.

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