Stencil PR is out of the UK.
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Boston Rock Radio is an Active Rock Reporting Radio Station with Full Music licensing station located in Winter Haven, Florida, which attracts over 30,000 listeners across 110+ countries.
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Grande Rock has been active since late 2001. The ezine started out in a very primal period when the Internet was not very popular globally. It was one of the first very few “Greek ezines”, (written in English totally since day one) and possibly it is the only one that has stayed alive since that era. Around 2007 there was a hiatus which lasted for about 4 years due to several issues. In late 2011 we returned to the insights of rock & metal music in full power.
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Maximum Ink music magazine has been published in print and online since March 7, 1996. Based in Madison, Wisconsin Max Ink is distributed throughout Madison and Surrounding Areas.
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A cultural, lifestyle music magazine catering to rock, metal, fashion & sports. Featured articles in all categories.
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Metal Pulp And Paper
Band Interviews/ Music Reviews/ Concert Photography
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