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Options & Pricing


(Rates and details per package are subject to change.)


1. The ‘I Just Need A Little Help’ Package:                       $75 (Save $25)


One custom background

Basic font selection on press kit title (i.e., your name)

No input by us. Just send us a bio, 4-10 photos, 3 videos and 5 music tracks and we put them up As-Is.

Photo cropping where necessary.

Completed 2-3 business days after bio & media files are received.


2. The ‘Watch Out World Here I Come’ Package:           $150 (Save $50)


One custom background

Custom written bio or reworking of existing bio

Custom title font/logo

Up to 25 photos, 12 videos, 15 music tracks (or less, of course)

Full image creation and photo/media selection. Give us access to your social media pages (FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube channel, Twitter, Spotify etc.) along with any other media not already posted online and we will select the best items to give you the most professional image to suit your art or craft.

Ability to post up to 3 PDF documents for download (example: Fact sheet, lyrics, writing sample…)

Completed 3-4 business days after bio & media files are received.


3. The ‘I Want It All And Then Some’ Package:               $240 (Save $50)


All of the above PLUS…..

Press Release including link to your new press kit. Full national distribution to media outlets pertaining to your art, craft or business. Great way to get your first (or additional) press blurb or article!

Completed 3-7 business days after bio & media files are received.