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VIA and Jason Tuthill

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Jason Tuthill, VIA Photo Courtesy Jason Tuthill page.

An American Heavy & Dirty, No-Pussyfooting Rock N Roll Four Piece based out of Minneapolis, Mn. V I A formed in the Summer of 2013 and they have since brought back the Balls of Rock And Rock with their Gritty Songs, High Energy and in your Face Live Performances. The members include: J - Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist, Evo - Lead Guitarist & Backup Vocalist, Ben - Drums/Percussion, and Sam - Bassist & Backup Vocalist. All members hail from the Twin Cities where they’ve built this unstoppable, musical machine. Some comedic BIOs: VIA is like sex on drugs but the throbbing just won't stop. You can feel it in your blood. So rich. So thick. Nothing cures besides MORE!!! If Blues, Grunge, and Metalcore had a three-way. Sexy. Sex Rock. Sexcore. #yep Metal enriched Rock N Roll with Soul. VIA has shared the stage with: Breaking Benjamin, Highly Suspect, Buckcherry, Memphis May Fire, Pop Evil, The Word Alive, For Today, Bret Michaels, Powerman 5000, Otherwise, Butcher Babies, Like A Storm, Another Lost Year, Steel Panther, Candlebox, SOiL, Psychostick, Ice Nine Kills, Future Leaders of the World, HED PE, Royal Bliss, Tantric, Quiet Riot... the list goes on...

VIMH: Looking to the new album, tell us what’s coming up?

JT: The big thing right now, is we’re writing our 3rd album, and we’re hoping to release next year, late summer into early fall. But we’re writing right now. We just finished the new music video for the first single off of, “After You Drown”, because like I said, we looked for drummers, and we didn’t have a chance to push. And that was too bad.

VIMH: Upcoming shows in our area, you have the show in Eau Claire? Including 2 dates in Minnesota.

JT: I just kick-started my solo acoustic playing. It’s an intimate setting where people can know me, and not just the music. I’ll be at 92 X during the day, then later on we’ll be at Everybody’s Bar, in Chippewa Falls.

VIMH: What can we expect on this short leg tour?

JT: Oh, I don’t know, we’ve been writing, so we’re trying to get to the cities the get the most demand. The old VIA would just fill up the calendars, 60-80 shows a year. But now, we’re very selective. We’re not going out and seeking them, they’re coming to us.

With the little run we got going on, we want to fill a weekend with as much music as possible.

VIMH: So, what’s in store for VIA in 2019? I remember you saying that a new album is in the midst.

JT: Yes. We have a title, and man, I’m 6-8 songs in. We just need everyone to get the rest of the parts moving. I’m really engulfed in it right now. And I know, I say this every album, but, this is going to be a great album. We’re really bringing it to the next level. I know we do drop tune rock n roll, but I added this 7-string. We’re really trying to get a little bit of an edge.

VIMH: Will we see the acoustic shows next year?

JT: Yeah, I’ll try to continue doing the acoustic shows every month, throughout the whole year. I got asked a few days ago to come out and play a show. It’s something I’ve been Kickstarting because we’re not playing as much as we used to. But now I have the time, and I thought I’d start playing out. I don’t know, it’s an intimate setting, people seem to enjoy it, and it’s like a private little show.

VIMH: What were your influences? What drives you in your playing?

JT: I wanted to raise the brows…..The Doors.. Then in 2011, Kanye West and Beyonce’ Knowles were up for best rock song, and Mumford and Sons best rock song of the year, and I thought, “what a bunch of shit!” Saying that this was rock and roll. I needed to do something about it!

UPCOMING SHOWS: 2018 +++VIA/Jason Tuthill Acoustic 11.16.18 - 92.9 The X Radio Station- Eau Claire, WI [3:30 PM] ***VIA 11.16.18 - Every Buddy's Bar (wsg: Stare Across & Stumpt) - Chippewa Falls, WI [8 PM] +++VIA/Jason Tuthill Acoustic 11.17.18 Gull Dam Brewery - Brainerd, MN (Cancer Benefit - #FightForFalan) [1 PM] ***VIA 11.17.18 SE'z Bar - Brainerd, MN [9 PM] ***VIA 11.30.18 ( "Get Control" Music Video Release) Route 47 - Fridley, MN [7 PM] +++Jason Tuthill Acoustic 12.1.18 - St. Michael, MN - BK Tap Haus [6 PM] 2019 +++Jason Tuthill Acoustic 01.18.19 - Farmington, MN - Duff's on Main [7 PM] +++Jason Tuthill Acoustic 01.19.19 - St. Michael, MN - BK Tap Haus [6 PM]

+++ Acoustic/Unplugged *** Full VIA band TOURS: National Tour w/ Future Leaders of the World - May/June 2018 National Tour w/ Silvertung & Vajra - November 2016 National Tour w/ SOiL & Psychostick - December 2015 National Tour w/ Buckcherry & Saving Abel - December 2015 National Tour w/ Full Devil Jacket & Bridge To Grace - Sept. 2015 J. Tuthill VIA Manager & Booking Agent Already Heavy Booking

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viarockviaroll/


YouTube: https://youtu.be/cGAkoP9Q8wc

Fight for Falan: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/fightforfalan/journal

Check out VIA's music here:










VIA Photo Courtesy: Via Facebook Page

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