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Interview with Stone Sea

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SPR (VIMH): Hi guys, congrats on your new album Mankind Maze. What is the significance of naming an album after Mankind Maze name?

Stone Sea: Manking Maze is about the behaviors we repeat generation to generation due to the immutable (or slowly mutable) society we live in. The values that are automatically injected when we're born in a society. The Mankind Maze.

SPR (VIMH): What do the lyrics talk about? Which are your major lyrics’ influences?

Stone Sea: Each song brings something totally different. Mystify is about triumph, Flow Upstream is about self/social acceptance, Prelude is about feeling free with a fresh view about the future, Seeing Red is about being blind of hate and Dream Song... well, I think you can guess. Life is our ultimate influence. We tend to let the feelings and thoughts to describe themselves in lyrics.

SPR (VIMH): Which are those elements that separate your new album from your previous album? Stone Sea: Diversity, we believe. It is much more deeper and meaningful than the other ones. More complete in terms of styles and the full circle of ideas we could create.

SPR (VIMH): How would you characterize “Mankind Maze” and what are your expectations with it? Stone Sea: Mankind Maze is the human life represented in 5 symbols, 5 facets of life. I feel we did achieved our goal already with the creation of it. What that means for us is that we can go much forward in terms of creativity.

SPR (VIMH): How’s the fans’ reactions been to the new songs on your live shows so far? Stone Sea: We feel they are liking really much, people are being really responsive at our gigs, talking with us about how they liked the songs and how they interpreted it.

SPR (VIMH): Do you prefer to be on the road or on the studio writing and recording? We do like both. They are completely different experiences and they both fulful us as much.

SPR (VIMH): How did you come up with the name “Manking Maze” initially? Stone Sea: The concept of Mankind Maze [EP – 2019] came when all the songs were ready and chosen to be recorded. It was clear that each of the songs were completely different and each of them could easily represent an element such as earth, water, air and fire by the musical energy and lyrics that each of these songs brought. “Spirit” was the 5 th element and it was represented by Dream Song. SPR (VIMH): How would you describe your music style to someone that hasn’t heard of you before? Stone Sea: A portrait of life with all its ups and downs... rage, fear, love, hate, inertia, sorrow, hope. All blended with deep colors and thick lines. In a nutshell, an Alt/Stoner rock band that infuses elements of world music. SPR (VIMH): Which do you consider to be the best male & female vocalist in metal history? Stone Sea: I would definitely go for Phil Anselmo in his whole Pantera career. His whole range of voice at the time was just insane. Same goes to Tatiana Shmaylyuk from Jinjer.

SPR (VIMH): Which is the record you wish you had written and why? Stone Sea: Elvis – I would definitely have loved to have written “Master Of Reality” by Black Sabbath – Best nasty riffs ever made.

SPR (VIMH): Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music, which album would it be and from which band/artist? Stone Sea: In between “Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” by Beatles and “California” by Mr. Bungle. They would both represent humanity pretty well but in completely different ways.

SPR (VIMH): If you had the chance to travel in time… where would you choose to go? To the past or the future and why? Stone Sea: We would go really really forward in the future to see if the humans would have survived after the Sun's explosion.

Stone Sea is a groovy alternative rock band that blend elements of stoner and world

music into their sound.

Formed in Brazil in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso, the band

recorded their debut album ‘Origins’. Shortly after, Elvis moved to Ireland, where Stone

Sea became a 3-piece, and recorded their EP’s ‘Vaporizer’ and ‘Mankind Maze’.

The band then underwent a lineup change with the addition of drummer Connor

Middleton; and bassist Jonathan Parminter.

This incarnation of the 3 piece offers a unique love experience, seamlessly blending

carefully constructed melodies with powerful over-driven riffs. While also inviting

elements of Bossa nova, Reggae, jazz, and more into their performance.

The bands name is comprised of two words that oppose each other completely. ‘Stone’

symbolizes inner strength and steadfast elements in our lives, and ‘Sea’ represents life’s

ever-changing and dynamic nature. Our music reflects these ideas.

Highlighting the contrast between strength and submission, stability and fluctuation;

Stone and Sea.

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