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Interview with Tradmrkd

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SPR (VIMH): Hi guys, congrats on your new album, we hope to have a new album released soon called Eejit.

SPR (VIMH): What is the significance of naming an album after an Eejit?

Tradmrkd: An Eejit is Scottish slang for an idiot if you didn’t know. All of us in the bands are Eejits so it seemed fitting to name it that.

SPR (VIMH): What do the lyrics talk about? Which are your major lyrics’ influences?

Tradmrkd: The songs in this album were all written when Eddie, our main songwriter, was 16 to 20 so there is a lot of teenage angst and coming to grips with growing up. Lyrically they were heavy influenced by the East Bay punk scene in the 90s in California. Especially, Green Day. They had a major influence.

SPR (VIMH): Which are those elements that separate your new album from your previous albums?

Tradmrkd: We don’t have a previous album so a lot, hahaha.

SPR (VIMH): How would you characterize “Eejit” and what are your expectations from the new album?

Tradmrkd: We expect it to hit the hearts of many people. We feel as if it is an album that could fill the void of teenagers growing into adults and the confusion that brings.

SPR (VIMH): How’s the fans’ reactions been to the new songs on your live shows so far?

Tradmrkd: We have received amazing feedback on our songs, which we are really grateful for. It makes us feel good and positive that album will do well once we get it recorded and put out there.

SPR (VIMH): Do you prefer to be on the road or on the studio writing and recording?

Tradmrkd: Eddie our main writer, prefers writing in his bedroom. Studio writing in the studio feels like a rushed job.

SPR (VIMH): How did you come up with the name Tradmrkd initially?

Tradmrkd: Our name was initially Trademark. But there are already some bands named that so we added an ED at the end and got rid of some vowels because it looked a bit to long and we came out with Tradmrkd.

SPR (VIMH): How would you describe your music style to someone that hasn’t heard of you before?

Tradmrkd: Best way to describe our sound is punk rock. Very similar style to 90s Green Day. So, you will probs hate us. haha

SPR (VIMH): Which do you consider to be the best male & female vocalist in metal history?

Tradmrkd: You’re probably going to think we are such simpletons, Corey Taylor has an unreal voice. The ranges he can go from are insane.

SPR (VIMH): Which is the record you wish you had written and why?

Tradmrkd: Wish we wrote Dookie by Green Day. That is the ultimate teenage angst album ever. I would also say Nevermind but no one can top Nirvana. So, defiantly Dookie

SPR (VIMH): Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music, which album would it be and from which band/artist?

Tradmrkd: Easy, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Thee greatest album ever written and it is hard to deny it. Every song on there is a classic. If everywhere was on that album it would have been out of this world. If Aliens heard that album they would understand.

SPR (VIMH): If you had the chance to travel in time… where would you choose to go? To the past or the future and why?

Tradmrkd: It would have to be USA in the 90s the music was amazing and the punk scene was insane. I wish we were around at that time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tradmrkd/

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