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Album Review: Repentance "GOD FOR A DAY"



God For A Day

Label: Art Is War Records


Chicago's very own Repentance have released a video for their new single, "God For A Day", off of their debut album, titled God For A Day, that was released on September 25 via Art Is War Records / Intercept Music.

Former Soil guitarist Shaun Glass, recruited Stuck Mojo front-man Robby J. Fonts to complete the line up of Mike Sylvester on Bass, Markus Johansson on second guitar and drummer Kanky Lora. In 2018, their first single ‘Enter The Gallows’, was a warning – a warning that something brutal is around the corner.

As the opening dark anthem “Repentance” pours over the speakers, I feel like I am waiting for destruction to proceed. And with the second track, “Only the Damned Die Young”, the crushes it, leaving you wanting more. The intro to, “Snake Oil Humanitarian” reminded me of our upbringing, such as Testament.

Enter the Gallows… In a word.. BANGER!

To say the least, this album made my jaw hurt just by clenching my teeth. As a musician, my hats off to Shaun and the crew, there’s a ton of layers and melodic nuances that make you review the tracks over and over, just to hear the bits and pieces that you may have missed.

I love dark, growling vocals, but Repentance delivers that, but with searing screams that compliment the guttural sounds that Robby delivers. Now, looking into the rest of the album, be prepared for bloodshed.

The overall technical brilliance and the insane attacks hardly give a moment for you to breathe. One attack after another is brought to your listening devices as if they were meant to destroy it.

Repentance – God For A Day track listing:

1. Repentance (Intro)

2. Only The Damned Die Young

3. Clarity

4. God For A Day

5. Snake Oil

6. Enter The Gallows

7. Where The Vultures Gather

8. Born To Choose

9. Deliverance

Rating: 9/10

God For A Day is available via Art Is War Records.

Robby J. Fonts - Vocals

Shaun Glass - Guitars

Markus Johansson - Lead Guitar

Mike Sylvester - Bass

Kanky Lora - Drums

Repentance - God For A Day ( Official Video )












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