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Badflower @ Rave II

The guys in Badflower brought their “OK, I’m Sick” tour to the Milwaukee area Wednesday night, treating fans to a night of electrified rock at the Rave II. The evening began at 7:00 when the first band, Dead Poet Society, took the stage. The band, who hails from So Cal performed a short set of catchy songs enveloped in a raw, driven sound that blended with the singer’s clear voice. Following DPS was Weathers. Cameron’s raw energy and overall personality quickly drew in the crowd. Their music has a very retro sound, but is polished smooth. After Weathers short and lively set began to wake the crowd, it was further energized by the third band on the bill, Badflower, from LA.

Dead Poet Society

Dead Poet Society has that raw, yet clear sound that deserves attention. From the opening songs like the bluesy “Lo Air” with it’s to and for energy, “Sound and Silence” anthem like chorus, to the pop-like “American Blood”, DPS caught the attention of the Milwaukee crowd quickly.

Dead Poet Society Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Set list: Lo Air Y? Because Sound and Silence Bacalar American Blood CoDA


As soon as Weathers hit the stage, the energy that they brought was incredible. They were in constant motion; stirring the stage as if to start a whirlwind. Their sound, style, and message illustrated to the crowd right out of the gate. Weathers takes on the issues of mental health in their music.

Weathers Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Set list: Poser Carry Us Home Shallow Water 1983 Happy Pills Famous Last Words Lonely Vampire Problems Dirty Money I’m not OK


And here you go... As the stage goes dark, the LED background lights up with text messages and the sounds of replies to the messages… intro over… And the stage goes dark as you see Badflower enter the stage. The crowd begins to scream. Opening with “Wide Eyes”, in which Josh writes about the loss of innocence following a relationship. Jumping right into “x ANA x”, “Soap” and “White Noise”, they kept delivering action energy and diversity throughout their set. As the night drew to a close, they kept the emotion at a very high level by changing pace with songs like the eerie “24”, and “Move Me”, along with their version of the Billie Ellish song “Bury a Friend”. What really made the show so great though, was the raw energy and interaction with the crowd that the entire band showed. When you have such incredible, well-written music, and the attitude that they bring to the stage, everything else just falls into place at a live show. This band has that and more, and each song has its own way of drawing you in. Badflower is from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut album “OK, I’m Sick” in February 2019. Their songs are haunting and beautiful. “Ghost” is about self-harm and “Heroin” is about a relationship that is toxic.

Badflower Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Set list Wide Eyes x ANA x Soap White Noise Die 24 Move Me Drop Dead Animal Let the Band Play The Jester Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish cover) Girlfriend

Dead Poet Society:







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