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El Famous, In Dying Hours, Versus Me and Growing, @ The High Noon Saloon, Madison WI, 11.2.18

Image Credit: Tricia Starr, TStarr Photgraphy

Versus Me Show Review

Walking into The High Noon Saloon, we see some familiar faces and when we approached the stage, James from versus me greeted us with a smile. We're always greeted with such a warm reception from the guys, it's always great to see them.

Taking the Stage:

Amidst the dark lighting, James Milbrandt and his VSME band mates took the stage after an eerie introduction, launching into “Not going back”. From there, VSME segued into their new track, “Left Here” — in which they recently released a music video to. “The Real life Monsters, and “An American Tale”, would be showcased on the next two songs — Damn, this is one helluva set, and we’re only five songs in! James and the crew kept the stage animated by what it seemed like “Jedi” like moves, (Sorry for the Star Wars reference), gliding by each other like they knew exactly the moment. The boys from JanesVegas killed it!

Holly Hutchison Weinman, Former A&R of Capitol Records, now Owner/Founder & Creative Director of ANRGIRL and IL Sistema said,” Versus me brings amazing energy and dynamics to their set. The music was sensational and they rocked the house. They are ready for big things on their horizon.”

High Noon Saloon, in Madison, after two experiences there, still show that the lighting is way below par, besides that debacle, the bands brought it. HEAVY AS HELL…

Set list from High Noon 11/2/18:

Not going back

Left Here

Real life monsters

An American tale



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Events Coming Up:

Like A Storm in Ringle, WI w/ Palisades & Farewell to Fear and Versus Me The Q & Z Expo Center December 14, 2018 Ringle, WI

Image Credit: Tricia Starr, TStarr Photgraphy

Image Credit: Tricia Starr, TStarr Photgraphy

Image Credit: Tricia Starr, TStarr Photgraphy

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