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Concert Review: Myles Kennedy @ Turner Hall

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Concert Review: Walking Papers and Myles Kennedy at Turner Hall

Walking Papers at Turner Hall Photo Credit: TStarr Photography


The stage was full at Turner Hall in Milwaukee Wednesday evening, when the opener, Walking Papers slid on the dimly lit stage. Mainly consisting of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, a blazing sax and the bluesy yet haunting voice of Angell, The Walking Papers played a set that ranged from dirge like ballads to upbeat rock n roll that hinted a 70’s blues rock feel.

Jefferson looked as if he was calling to a long lost loved one while fronting this amazingly talented band, while in the background, you hear the chilling sounds of chains during the opening song, “This is How it Ends”. As the set progressed, it seemed to slowly swell with energy, and the crowd felt it.

The Walking Papers have a strong blues influence, with a slight gritty rock ambiance that gives them a unique sound. The Walking Papers came to show Turner Hall and Milwaukee that Seattle’s music scene is alive and well.

Set List:

This is How it Ends

How it Feels

Death on the Lips

Hard to Look Away

Somebody Else

I’ll Stick Around

King Hooker

Into the Truth

Red and White











Myles Kennedy’s solo album, ‘Year of the Tiger’ is incredible, to say the least, and it’s even better live. The multi-talented musician, known for his vocal talents with Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and Alter Bridge, lent his voice to so many others, has temporarily opted for a more intimate showcase, and it is nothing short of incredible.

Myles took this opportunity not to only showcase the new album, but to bring us through a journey, highlighting his career. He also had been VERY happy, comical and drawing the crowd in with his experiences and stories, which made fans love him even more. Sometimes you end up laughing at the man himself and not necessarily his jokes. Even to the point stating, “My 2 years in Wisconsin, made me weird I think.”

I loved how Myles connected with the crowd. He balanced the call outs to sing, answering a single fan by playing the riff he inquired about, to talking about how much he loved the Wisconsin area by altering his lyrics to allow the town of Milwaukee into his heart.

I have had the opportunity to see him live with Alter Bridge, but this time, it was so much different. He showed an almost vulnerable side to his music and life, allowing the crowd to see through his mind what he experienced.

Personally, I finally heard, “Watch Over You” via Myles solo,and it literally ran chills up my spine. The last time that happened, we were at Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti and Myles on stools, played the haunting, “In Loving Memory”, and struck a chord, considering that my mother, passed months prior to the show.

During some songs, Myles was joined on stage by Tim Tournier and Zia Uddin. Zia and Tim are an amazing accompaniment to the experience.

Overall, the show was amazing, and they couldn’t pick a better venue for this event. Beside the fact that Myles is an amazing storyteller and musician. So if you have any chance to catch Myles on this tour, do it. You will be missing out if you don’t.

And we can’t say enough great things that the Pabst Theater / Turner Hall does. They put on amazing shows!

Set List:

Devil on the Wall The Great Beyond Ghost of Shangri La Haunted by Design Standing in the Sun Addicted to Pain Turning Stones Blind Faith The Trooper White Flag Watch Over You Travelling Riverside Blues World on Fire Year of the Tiger All Ends Well Songbird Love Can Only Heal









Walking Papers at Turner Hall Photo Credit: TStarr Photography

Myles Kennedy at Turner Hall Photo Credit: TStarr Photography

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