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Press Release: Five Crumbs Release 'Gravity'


Five Crumbs Members:

Richard Ruß–vocals

Markus Schukowski–lead guitar

Niklas Samland–rhythm guitar

Franz Borjan–bass guitar

Lars Steinfurth-drums


Five Crumbs is an alternative rock band from Greifswald, Germany. Founded in 2017, they set out to create a modern and unique sound by combining modern rock riffs with elements from styles outside of the genre.Their previous releases (2 EPs and one single) fascinated rock fans around the world and got lots of positive reviews. They worked with the renown producer Jeffro Lackscheide for both EPs and were featured on different music blogs and online magazines with their single „Monster“.Their new release „Gravity“ has a more upbeat feel to it compared to previous songs of the band but still has that dark vibe they’re known for. They went for a fierce blend of heavy rock riffs and electronic elements, creating an exciting listening experience.This song is about times when you can’t really complain about your life and all the things you have,but you just can’t feel satisfaction and eventually drift away if you lose grip of reality. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions both musically and lyrically






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