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Press Release: New ALBUM out NOW! Drowned Out with single "Falling Down" Release


Drowned Out are in your face with their gritty, 90's tactility in their single "Falling Down"!

Drowned Out is a 3 piece Punk Rock band from Spartanburg, SC. That formed in the spring of 2016. Branded by their audience as "Ugly Pop" Their sound is a mixture reminiscent of the early and mid 90's with driving bass lines from bassist Ryan Lara, punchy drums from drummer Gunnar Long, and gritty guitar tone from Guitarist and Lead Vocalist Dan O'Dylanger. Coupled with elements of old school Punk guitar style. The vocal style of lead vocalist Dan O'Dylanger is nothing short of classic, sporting a raspy yet melodic tone. Their sound as a unit is centered around brilliant vocal harmonies from O'Dylanger and bassist Ryan Lara, backed up by an audible rhythmic assault provided by Drummer Gunnar Long. The music is fast, its gritty, it's high-energy and infectiously catchy. With sing-a-long style hooks and head bang inducing rhythm sections, this band is guaranteed to get your attention.

Drowned Out members:

Gunnar Long : Drums

Dan O'Dylanger : Vocals / Guitar

Ryan Lara : Bass / Backing Vocals









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