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Review: Little King: Occam's Foil

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Little King – Occam's Foil Little King is a band that has been around for quite some time now. Having achieved success on college radio throughout the years, Little King is back with a new EP called Occam's Foil. Little King definitely keeps the spirit of rock and roll alive with this release. You can hear the influences that classic and alternative rock have left on the group over the years. With lots of cool melodies and guitar work, this is a release that is fun ride from beginning to end. All 5 tracks are more than worth a listen. “The Skin That I'm In” is probably the standout on the record with the guitar solo near the end, and the usage of cello throughout the song. The tracks “Forgotten Mile” and “The Foil” flow right into each other pretty seamlessly and keep a similar vibe throughout with similar guitar tones. “The Foil” has some nice offbeat guitar work that keeps your attention and gets your head moving to the beat. Both of these songs really send me back to sitting outside on the back deck and just watching the world go by in the late afternoon. The album ends with the harder-bluesier rock instrumental track “Nerve 8”. Pretty cool track to end the album with. It ties up the album nicely for nice little send off. Pretty good album to sit and chill out with. 6.5/10 on Furious-O-Meter. Stay Furious, Bill “Furious” Groen




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