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Review: River of Souls "Usurper"

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Bringing more doom and death than Invader Zim and his assistant GIR, we have the new release from River of Souls, Usurper.

River of Souls bring the heavy with their take on Doomed Heavy Death Metal, and man is it heavy. From the opening track Harbinger through to the title track Usurper, and all the way to the final track Aftermath.

This is an easy listen all the way through. 'At Rope's End' is probably my favorite track on the album. The slower tempo just really draws you into the landscape that they are creating. The fade into the galloping riff at the bridge will make the hairs on your rise in anticipation for when it breaks loose into a great headbangin' riff. Then it finishes like it begins with that slow tempo that drew you in originally.

Obviously we need to talk about the title track, 'Usurper' which follows 'At Rope's End'.

'Usurper' launches straight into more death metal territory and carries on until the bridge where it transitions into a more atmospheric clean section with picked arpeggios. When it transitions out, it brings out some more doom, then back into the death metal for finale. This is also the second longest song on the album clocking in at almost ten minutes.

This is a great album front to back. Definitely check out 'Usurper' and the rest of River of Souls music.

Stay Furious,

Bill ' Furious' Groen

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Videoclip 'Of Pit And Snare':


Track listing:

1. Harbinger

2. Of Pit and Snare

3. At Rope's End

4. Usurper

5. A Spirit's Weight

6. Fateweaver

7. The Tightening

8. Aftermath.

The limited edition digipak contains a bonus disk with :

1. Prometheus Unbound (released as a digital single

in 2019)

2. Into the Unlight (demo 2016 - previously unreleased)

3. Remembrance (demo 2018 - previously unreleased)

4. God Is Alone (My Dying Bride cover)

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