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Review: Sydney Sherwood "Headspace"

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Love the title...Very fitting..

“Headspace”, by New Jersey’s very own Sydney Sherwood, is a six song EP produced and co-written by Brian Craddock, guitarist of Daughtry and owner of The Cat Room Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Wolves: Starting off very hypnotic with Mideastern subtleties, Wolves drops into a sexy march of sorts. It starts to twist from pop to rock back to pop. Good start for an EP.

Let Me Down: This track brings me back to 80’s pop. This shows her versatility and ability to go across different generations of music.

Creep: Opening up with a haunting, layered sound, Creep breaks into a “Lucifer” like rhythm. Very Louisiana bayou, and walks along the sexy side of music. It has some darkness to it, and yet pulls you out to see some light.

Born to Roll: Again sounding like diving down a dirt road into say, Vegas, with the top down. Plain and simple, you’re Born to Roll.

Horizons Edge: An incredible symphony opener, then dropping into the beautiful sounds of a folk like strumming. Again, Sydney’s voice is on par. The vulnerability is soul searching.

All the Aces: Finalize the EP with drawing you back into play after the emotional “ebb and tide” of “Horizons Edge”. This song keeps you moving until the end, and fulfills a short set.

Altogether, I felt like I listened to a full album, regardless of the track count. We can’t wait for this 18 year old to grow creatively. Great second round...keep it coming..

Sydney Sherwood "Creep" (Official Lyric Video)


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