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Review: Waking Tera "Nothing" Music Video


Back in 2015, I was introduced to Waking Tera through a Texas based PR (no longer valid), along with Artifas and Surrender the Fall, among others that escape my mind. Nonetheless, I was a fan instantly of WT.

Looking at the closed circuit video effect of “Nothing”, it already speaks volumes. The breaks with news pieces and the ticker tape of the lyrics really did a mashup of two music video concepts. The graphics are on spot.

Now…. the song…

Picking up the hammer and slamming it down, it doesn’t allow your eardrums to chill.. I love the small breaks before the chorus. And I think that’s the only time you get a second to breathe.

Kalvin’s vocal ability is very diverse throughout the band’s discography, and “Nothing: doesn’t fall short. His influence of LJ from Sevendust is definitely apparent through the verses. But, in all honesty, he holds his own and shows that he can pull off so many different genres.

The band, as a whole, is tight on this track, as they have been on so many in the past. I love the staccato intricacies throughout the song. There’s an erratic, almost tension building open chord progression that comes to a peak at the chorus, only to fall back in to the chasm of the next verse.

Overall, great job on the video, and looking forward to more from these guys!!!




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