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Royal Bliss New Video Release "Paranoid"

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Neal Middleton, Royal Bliss Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Royal Bliss has been making their mark for years with a consistent work ethic of writing, recording, and touring that have helped build the success of the band. Their wide variety of influences from Led Zeppelin to Johnny Cash mold the sound that is uniquely theirs and cannot be denied. Their music speaks to the common man, tells a story and rocks out with a good party crowd, all the while being delivered by the inimitable deep and raspy voice of front man, Neal Middleton.

Royal Bliss signed with Capitol Records in 2009 and saw the debut album Life In-Between chart on the Billboard Top 200 and hit #1 in Billboard Heatseekers. In 2012 the independently released Waiting Out The Storm reached #9 on the iTunes Rock Chart, hit #2 in Billboard Heatseekers and produced the fan favorite “Crazy”. In 2014, Chasing The Sun was recorded and released again on their own label, Air Castle Records, with distribution through Universal (INgrooves) Music Group. On the Chasing The Sun album the alternative roots of the band shined on the album’s single “Cry Sister” that climbed the Active Rock chart to (#31) and was Royal Bliss’ 6th Single to crack the top 50 on Active Rock radio.

-- Courtesy of Royal Bliss website

Now let's talk about the new video:

Royal Bliss released their self entitled “Royal Bliss” in April of this past year, along with that a few videos to highlight their music. The new video release, “Paranoid” takes on a whole different perspective of what we were normally accustomed to with the boys.

According to Neal, “I wrote it while driving our tour bus, and it was a sober stretch. There were times when I am sober on the road that I get high anxiety, and just want to get the hell out of there and run home”.

Right out of frame one, a hallucinogenic Neal, is wide eyed and singing through a nightmare of blank faced people and ending up back at the mic, with masked-covered people staring at him.

Overall, this is most people that I spoke with, their greatest fear: spiders, snakes and God knows what else! As the video goes on, we see the band with these horror movie-esque creatures crawling and slithering over the band, ( and as we saw in the behind the scenes, some members more than others couldn’t push the “Fear Factor” envelope too far). Even to go as far as Neal having a cockroach climbing around his mouth and hands.

As the song drives through each verse and chorus, the band seems to get a little more bizarre to Neal. As it becomes too much for him, he takes off to try to escape, as the lyrics are also illustrating.

It ends with Neal coming out of the drain tunnel, as waking up from a horrible dream.

If you haven’t experienced Royal Bliss live, YOU ARE SADLY MISSING OUT!!!

The World Premier of “Paranoid!” #NewBliss #RoyalBliss

Check it out now!!

Official Website: http://www.royalbliss.com

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/royal-bliss/1456318414

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/33ZtDvQ457WBllAJRZHto4


Instagram: instagram.com/royalblissband @ROYALBLISSBAND #ROYALBLISS

Facebook: facebook.com/royalbliss

Twitter: twitter.com/royalbliss @royalbliss #royalbliss

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Directed / Edited by: Aj Satterfield

Concept design: Royal Bliss

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