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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Mar 08: Milwaukee Fiserv Forum, WI

Shinedown at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: VIMH

As the Fiserv slowly fills, and the crescendoing sounds of the crowd began to engulf the background music, I am again reminded that ROCK IS NOT DEAD. The overall energy was almost tangible; you could feel it slowly building. The show itself was becoming a monster, and it was about to come to life.

Three heavyweights of metal shared the stage in Milwaukee. Asking Alexandria, Papa Roach and Shinedown.

The lights fade…..

Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Asking Alexandria was first to strike.

The English- native band opened up to the crowd, driving through their setlist like a freight train. “Into the Fire” kicked off their set, and as they progressed through, “Where Did It Go?” and “Run Free”, the band was energizing the crowd quickly.

Mr. Worsnop always entices the crowd with his stories, and ways to excite the crowd about what’s coming up.

Asking Alexandria at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography


Into the Fire

Where Did It Go?

Run Free

The Death of Me


Moving On


When the Lights Come On

Alone in a Room

Papa Roach

Throughout their career for over 20 years, Papa Roach has been the ambassadors for rock music across the globe. As time went on in the industry, Papa Roach evolved with the musical landscape.

The hip hop subtleties of songs such like “Elevate” and “Who Do You Trust?” peppered the set, along with rock anthems like, “Last Resort” and “Getting Away with Murder”.

The bands physical energy was apparent as the night rolled along, with the entire group jumping, racing and spinning about the stage.

Jacoby left the stage, only to be found weaving through the crowd, shaking hands and singing. It was a personal touch to a almost capacity crowd.

Papa Roach at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: VIMH


Last Resort


Who Do You Trust?

Getting Away With Murder

Face Everything and Rise

Renegade Music

Between Angels and Insects


Not the Only One


Come Around


Born for Greatness

...To Be Loved


Shinedown at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: TStarr Photography

Shinedown went on the road in support of the band’s latest album Attention Attention, which launched May of last year. There’s a lot of showmanship at a Shinedown show. The lasers are rarely turned off, cutting the air throughout the show. The searing heat of the pyrotechnics could be felt from the seating at the Fiserv.

As a giant white drape fell from the rafters, the band appeared, as flames rose from the stage. With a setlist that blazed through the band’s best songs from other albums, intermixed cuts from the recent album, "Attention Attention,"opening with "Devil." Brent Smith delivered back stories and commands (“Shake your neighbor’s hand”; “On the count of three, everybody jump”) during songs and between them, while the band played.

Shinedown at Fiserv Photo Courtesy: VIMH


Main Stage


Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)



Black Soul

I'll Follow You


Get Up


Front Stage


Call Me

How Did You Love

Second Chance


(First verse and chorus,… more )

Simple Man

(Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) (Full band cover)

Main Stage

Cut the Cord

Sound of Madness


Overall, this show was put together extremely well. From the talent, to the flawless sound, to the stage decor and action on stage, I pretty sure no one left that night with a feeling of disappointment. Always a great time with these great and talented individuals, and I for one, can’t wait for more. Rock on!

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